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By offering your land to grow some Leptospermum polygalifolium Australian Jelly Bush (MANUKA style).  Growing seedlings at your place in our BIG G (the BIG G is our Big Garden providing seedlings to be planted in our forest of jelly).  Sponsoring Two Blue Hivez, maybe at your house - the more honey our volunteers’ can collect the more we can give away and stop the importation of fake honey which is only sugar syrup or corn syrup made from sweet corn and sold as honey. We can help organize free bee courses to get you going in your area, from making bee boxes from recycled wooden pallets to putting bee frames together. Read More

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Our Goal

MGO – DHA Honey

To produce Australian made high in MGO – DHA honey that contains four times the strength of Manuka style honey in Australia

Control Feral Animals

Control feral animals endangering our native Australian animals throughout Australia

Volunteer Support

Have a volunteer support network as big as the internet will allow

Australian Products

To make as many of our products here in Australia from all Australians

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