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The time has come that I had to do this for a few reasons, one is I went camping in the outback 

for the weekend to get away because my best mate Mark passed away and I was very upset as he was only 48 and I am 45. I thought about what have I achieved in my life which lead to thinking that if I went tomorrow what would I be remembered for, nothing or not much.  While out camping we didn’t see any Australian animals at all, it was very disappointing to only see feral dog and cat footprints in the dirt, so we know these feral animals are around and our Government has not done much to help the survival of our native animals in my opinion

So I have given it my best shot to put this site together with my own money and with the help of my brother in laws.  I have made it my mission to do something because if no one does anything there will be nothing for your grandchildren to see except only in a zoo.  We must stop using 1080 poison as all it is doing is killing the one feral animal it is targeted for and in return that same dead animal gets eaten by a hawk or eagle and then they die and the circle grows as animals come into contact with the original dead animal, Anything that even sniffs 1080 is going to die except a pig as they need a lot more, We have to rethink and develop a better way to control feral animals. 

I have always been good with my hands making or fixing things within the building industry so I thought how can one person change it?  Well if one man walked on the moon and made it worldwide, surely I can do this with social media behind me.  I can promote what I am doing and I have come up with a way to pay for saving the bush and our animals that live within it.  I have invented a few things and when they sell worldwide I will have the money to rescue what is left in the bush.  I am doing what I love, helping animals.  Becoming a beekeeper I knew I could help pollinate many native Australian treez as now that the beez are struggling with the huge amounts of chemicals used today.

I have come up with a plan and with your help, we can do this together - people power is what is require to make this a success.  By planting the right treez like Australia’s Jelly Bush (Manuka style) that has a high MGO/DHA we can help!  How you may say - well when we get high MGO honey it is worth big Bucks to sell it if it can be labelled Medical Jelly Bush and with the profits from the honey I can eventually pay people or at least their fuel and bullets to go out and find feral animals and stop them killing anymore of our native animals by taking the feral animals out of the picture.  Feral animals live in places only a helicopter can get to so this is going to be very expensive, but it will be all worth it and along the way with what I have invented and a little more development we will get profits from these great ideas to help our cause.


Bluey Bee Man.

After we have cleaned up our own backyard from feral animals, Our reef will be our next mission.


Our Mission

By offering your land to grow some Leptospermum polygalifolium Australian Jelly Bush (MANUKA style).  Growing seedlings at your place in our BIG G (the BIG G is our Big Garden providing seedlings to be planted in our forest of jelly).  Sponsoring Two Blue Hivez, maybe at your house - the more honey our volunteers’ can collect the more we can give away and stop the importation of fake honey which is only sugar syrup or corn syrup made from sweet corn and sold as honey. We can help organize free bee courses to get you going in your area, from making bee boxes from recycled wooden pallets to putting bee frames together.

Reinvesting the profits back in our mission – to be able to put a fence around our forest which provides our local native animals a safe place to call home. Our Jelly bush will flower for 3 to 5 months with 4 to 6 species depending on the area of high MGO/DHA active ingredients, so we need an alternative crop for our bees to eat for the other 7 months of the year that can be adjacent to our Jelly forest so we don’t have to move our bees, This also reduces the spread of any diseases. Honey from those adjacent crops will be GIVEN AWAY to our volunteers.  We also have a few inventions which will provide us with more profits to use in our program.

The Carterz Can is a self-watering plastic bucket with a solar battery pump to hold water which gives the plant 100ml of water a day which can last nearly 3 months to get the plant to the next season. This drip system will give the plant water and every chance of survival.

The FlowZover is a vessel to hold water from a 20L drum to a 1000L pod, a solar pump to help spin water through it.  Moving the water will provide aeration for the fish and can lower the PH levels which help everything that drinks it. Stagnant water is not healthy.  Are you a farmer with stagnant water that needs a free from the sun device with a few plastic fittings to move around the water?

These are a few ideas to help us along the way. Beekeeperz, landholders, supplies at bulk rates, Sponsor’s, Makers, Volunteers, you name it we put everyone together and do what is required and send it to your group for FREE as this comes from Donations, Sponsors, Inventions, Patents and profits from many of our new products we have developed.  Please become a proud member of Australia Invest, and with your hands and the hands of others, this will be achievable. Start today. What would you like to offer?




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Contact No. : +61 413 251 210
Email Address : info@treezbeez.com.au