Effects of Feral Animals in Australia


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Domesticated Animals

Feral animals are species of domesticated animals that were brought over to their non-native habitat and were released, intentionally or unintentionally, to the non-native land they were brought to. These feral animals, if left unattended, create distinct unwanted effects that mostly affect animals and plants that are native to the concurrent environment. One case of feral animals that are not in their native land and are causing irrevocable damage to the surrounding would be the feral animals of Australia.

These feral animals range from canine, felines, pigs, camels, rabbits, and horses. The introduction of these post domesticated animals in the environment created competition for the native animals that have already settled down in the location. Effects of Feral animals in wildlife could have devastating effects to the native species of the land, namely through predation, competition for food and shelter, or destruction of shelter, and by spreading diseases that were not commonly found in the native land.


Predation of other animals is the most common thing for feral animals to act upon as they are only using their instinct to survive. Surviving for carnivorous animals is the most invasive constraint of feral animals as it involves the killing of the native animals for their own survival. Feral animals in the terms of surviving would increase their population as a natural instinctive action of animals.  This predation is not necessarily the same type of predation that naturally occurs in native wildlife as species in a native ecosystem would constantly survive. Predation by feral animals, on the other hand, lets an ecosystem experience extinction as this was not part of the ecosystems natural systematic occurrence.

Kill Feral Animals

In this case of feral animal infestations, the provision of acquiring ways to kill feral animals is one case in which Australia has been trying to achieve. In a 2015 article by news24, feral cats have been destructive to the natural wildlife in Australia. Feral cats have been involved in the extinction of 27 mammal species as well as at least another 120 species of different animals that naturally live in the islands. The government of Australia has even admitted to having the needed help in killing feral animals in Australia as to counteract the growing population of the at least the estimated 30 million feral cats.

One case of action the government has decided for the feral animals was a systematic condition they made of capturing, neutering and releasing. This case helps in maintaining humane conditions in terms of dealing with feral animals as it doesn’t immediately exterminate them. This in turn though still allows those captured and released feral animals to continue their actions on the land.

Feral Animal Traps

To capture these feral animals though is not an easy feat. Feral animal traps that cater to specific animals are needed as some animals have their own specific kinds of defensive mechanisms that help them escape dangerous situations. To note as well, feral animals are not predominantly only in Australia but is a worldwide problem and in this case, would need a proper provider of feral animal traps that would in case of target the different kinds of feral animals.

These traps are more in turn to handle the man-made conditions that we humans have created. There may be different types of solution, but not all can be as humane as possible while being able to be acted upon immediately.   Znatcha feral animal trap would be one of these solutions as to counter the infestation of feral animals.

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