How Can You Help Protect Native Wildlife Through Your Commitment To Your Own Pets

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Our pets, dogs or cats, can be a danger to ourselves and themselves if left unattended. Animals will always be instinctive creatures that listen to their own instincts. These instincts though can be trained to serve them well and be made to help us understand them and teach them on how to act in times when their instincts kick in.

Feral Animals

According to a study by John Woinarski and his team, they found out that feral cats in Australia kill more than a million birds a day. Now wondering that it’s because they are feral does not remove your pet cat out of the equation. Cats, all in all, are instinctive. When their instinct to catch a prey kicks in, they will act on it as to please themselves. Dogs as well, killing cats out of instinctive spite. Keeping pets in entirety is not just to have a companion, but it is also to have a responsibility to teach and gain the appreciation of having pets.

Owners of pets

The need to keep your pet happy in its situation is an important matter. Owners of pets need to give the required stimulation of a pet. This can be done with toys of various kinds of bite plushy for dogs or cat scratches for cats.

One thing to think about when you’re letting your pet roam, especially in places with wildlife, is that are there any diseases your pet can get in contact with whenever they go out. Getting your pets vaccinated as well as getting checkups for them would help in preventing these diseases. In Australia, desexing is one of the necessary things they do as to not contribute to the large population of stray cats as well as prevent unwanted kittens from being born.

Another mention of having a backyard with wildlife is that it is important to be able to keep your pet within your own premises. Animals on a higher scale of the food chain will kill other wildlife if it can do it. Not necessarily for food, but for its own thrill of hunting sport. Even then, having things that help you interact with wildlife in your backyard is another thing to be wary of. Having a birdbath that is easily accessible by your cat can lead to instead making a bird trap.

Train Them

Training is one other subject to take on to prevent your pets from being afflicted as well as being a bother to wildlife. Dogs, if trained properly, will usually follow you as they are smart even with their instinctive nature. Playing and training to follow your commands is one aspect of pets that shouldn’t be neglected. Leashes and collars help with this as they can feel that they are owned by us as well as taken care of. Dogs should never be left to attend to their own devices in roaming in areas full of wildlife. Off-leash teaching as well is one aspect in confirming your dog is reliable enough to be out and about.

All in all, to stay committed to owning a pet is a very important moment for both pet and owners. Once your pet realizes it doesn’t need to go out to entertain itself, it won’t go out. Giving a pet love, attention, and especially food is very important to keep a pet secure in its own rights.




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