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Our aim is to grow seedlings of the tree Leptospermum Polygalifolium (Yellow Tea Tree or Jelly Bush) to produce Australian ‘Manuka’ style honey which contains a high level of MGO content and can be classified as medical grade honey.  This way we can have more and more fields of flowers for our bees.  We plan to plant as many of these trees as possible in the bush to encourage more wildlife and bees.  

What you can do –

  1. contact us if you would like to grow and care for one or more of these trees on your land to encourage more bees and wildlife
  2. contact us if you would like to sponsor a tree, this is a great way to support the product especially if you don’t have the room due to living in a unit or apartment. There is a lot of maintenance and care that goes into growing these trees from the seedling stage to ensure that the tree can grow to its full size and capacity and can take care of itself and then produce a quality product.

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