Two Blue Hivez

Two Blue Hivez is always better than one to allow the propagation of eggs from new Queen Bee.

Australia imports 10 million KILOS of honey.

It is highly possible that this cheap honey contains unwanted chemicals.  Cheap honey is cheap honey ...YUCK.... when only the BEST matters.

Are you aware that 50% of Manuka honey SOLD around the world today is apparently fake or blended, that’s why we will have a QR code on our honey that will carefully monitor and guarantee it is Australian honey, Our medical grade honey (Manuka style) will be made from the Australian Jelly Bush Trees and will be manufactured under a very strict protocol and process.

Do you know what chemicals you’re eating?

Some imported as called "Honey" is often made up of sugar or corn syrup. Our honey is guaranteed to be organic and come from the nectar from a flowering nature tree.


What we are looking for is volunteers or groups such as the local men’s shed, local high school woodwork or nursing home to put these hivez together, we are going to need a lot of hivez to make 10 million kilos of honey but it will be well worth it because you know that the honey produced is going to be REAL and not a sugary substitute.

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