Znatcha Feral Animal Trap

The Znatcha

Is a specially designed feral animal trap that can target big and small feral animals such as feral pigs, feral dogs, and feral felines.  Different species are different to catch.  We do not plan to set traps in the suburbs unless instructed to by the local Council, so you do not have to worry about your family pet getting caught up in our traps.

As part of the Znatcha traps we will be using Wifi technology, this is to ensure that we have a 100% visual on the traps so we don’t eradicate the animals that we came to save.  If no Wifi available on your property, we can arrange put in your very own network, this will help many farmers with new technology and have cameras on water troughs and gates and to see any trespassers.

The traps will differ as a dog is harder to catch than a pig.  Pigs need a larger trap like a fenced-in pen.  This type of technology is what is required here so that no more of our native species get caught up in the traps.

What is going to be required is a 12v solar powered battery, a few cameras with an ability to send an MMS picture to your smartphone to show what is in the trap and the capability to be able to open and close a gate.  Even using setups on the box like trailers and so we can let any native animals out without impeding the traps ability to catch the feral animal.  Plus having the traps trailer mounted will make for easier mobilization around the property.  Bait and poison that will be required are under further development.

This problem is worldwide not just here in Australia.  When we sell our Znatcha trap to the world we will have more funding to help with continuing to rid our feral animal problems here.

Did you know we now have a Commissioner for Endangered Species?   This is a little too late as I feel there are not many native Australian animals left living in the bush and the Government could be doing a lot more, so that’s why we have to step up and get the job done for ourselves.

Please join us to rid the bush of these feral animals.  Donate today or why not even Sponsor a trap.


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